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Driven by a live rockin’ soul soundtrack, this madcap mocumentary-road movie depicts the escapades of musician Benny Bliss, who has recently broken out of a mental institution. Having an epiphany during shock therapy to rid the planet of all electronic gadgets, which he believes is thwarting the growth and evolutionary process of humanity as we know it, Benny is now lose in the world and on a mission.

This uniquely original comedy takes us on a hilarious, rock n’ roll infused, unpredictable ride that culminates in one of the most original “Woodstock-esques “ concert sequences you have ever seen.


Writers: Martin Guigui

Stars: Courtney Gains, Yvonne Delarosa, Ruperto Vanderpool, Dahlia Waingort, Peter Wooster

Story by: Courtney Gains, and Michael Hateley

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